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Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 20th, at 6:30 p.m. in the Educational Training Room at Bethany Village West outside Mechanicsburg. Entrance to the Educational Training Room is through Door 21.

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Please note that the address on Mapquest shows differently from the address listed in the newsletter - but the pushpin is located at the proper entrance to the building.

Upgrading a Laptop

Dennis McMahon recently updated his laptop hard drive. The process requires a number of steps to save the data on the original disk, replace the disk itself, and then restore the data. Then there's reinstallation of the restoration partition. He will discuss his experience.

Additionally, if everything comes together, he will demonstrate how differing connections affect the transmission speeds. This can be important when backing up large amounts of data. The app 'BlackMagic Speed Test' will be used to measure the speed.

The meeting should be informative and we welcome you to attend.

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